A Handy Guide to Learn the Basics of Online Sports Betting

Sports betting is not a new pastime for people across the globe. However, sports betting on the internet is a newer concept that was welcomed by the people with open arms. At present, many people have engaged themselves in placing bets on their favorite teams and players. Some do this spend their time while some are with intent to make quick cash. The popularity of online sports betting has increased because one can do that just by sitting in the luxuries of the home. Whatever may be the case, a bettor is bound to understand the rules and laws of betting, as you may lose your chances of winning without it. 

Discussed below are some of the common terms that are used often while betting on sports online.

Common Terms Associated with Sports Betting


This term refers to the bet that is placed with two or more than two teams. In parlay, it is mandatory for all the teams to win, which is quite tough. Players find it difficult to predict multiple events but they get higher payouts with more number of events involved. Higher number of events results in higher payouts. 

Straight Bets

Straight bet is very easy to understand and is the most common type of bet placed by the bettors. You just need to wager on any one side, which you think is the strongest and can make you win. Players can make use of either the money line or point spread in order to win. One can place a straight bet on the game total too.


Different sports books offer special wager on politics, sports events and trial outcomes. These special wagers are referred to as props. Wagers here use the money line format.


If you are confused about this term then here is the answer. It is a special type of parlay where a player has the opportunity to adjust the total of each individual play or the point spread. The extra points that you gain are either subtracted from the favorite or added to the underdog.

Point Spread

You must have heard this term many times while betting on sports. According to the sports book, this term refers to the predicted scoring differential between two teams. It can be called as a line set by the odds makers. Here, underdogs have a plus sign while the favorites have a minus sign.

Money Lines

The entire odds are expressed in terms of money in the online sports betting. While talking about the money odds, the minus sign hints at the amount that you lay out to win hundred dollars. On the other hand, a plus sign refers to the amount you will get for every hundred dollars that have been wagered. 

With such a detailed description of all the terms, it is sure that you will not get confused with any one of them now. You just need to understand the betting concepts and start betting on your favourite team.