Online Bingo and its Increasing Popularity

Bingo is a ‘Game of Chance’ where one randomly draws a number and matches it against the numbers present on 5x5 cards. Initially invented in 1929, Bingo has evolved into multiple forms with little variations in rules and regulations based on the local jurisdiction’s gambling laws. Since, the invention of Bingo it has become greatly popular and has evolved into a very interesting game. Due to its increasing popularity, the game of Bingo was launched online for the first time in 1996 and became popular as Online Bingo. The earliest known free online Bingo games were ‘Bingo Zone’ launched in 1996 and ‘Bingo Blitz’ in 1998.

Why Online Bingo? 

Online Bingo sites use a random number generator rather than the traditional mechanical balls that are used in Bingo Halls. There are four main types of Bingo games that are played in different areas of the world. The game of Bingo has seen an exponential growth over its course of time and is still continuing to do so. Earlier, popular mostly in US and UK, the game of Bingo is now gaining the attention all across the globe though sometimes for the wrong reasons as you can see here! Stats show that the game of Online Bingo has more than 100 online million users around the globe and United States generates 85% of the income of worldwide Online Bingo industry. 

The Reasons for its popularity

There a numerous reasons that has made the Online Bingo popular throughout the world. One of the reason is that the game is now available online 24x7 providing the players the flexibility to play whenever they one. The availability of the game of multiple platforms like desktops, laptops, mobiles, i-Pads etc. has also added to the popularity of the game as it allows one to play anywhere on the go. Most of the sites offer a range of different poker games that gives the user different options to choose form and make it more interesting. Also, one can easily sign up for Online Bingo and few sites even offers free sign up credit to play tempting the new users to give a shot to the game.

How popular Is It?

Stats have shown that more than 29% of the online bingo players are of the age group of 18-34 and to take an advantage of the scenario most the online bingo sites have the chat room feature. This allows the players to interact with other players and socialise which makes the entire process much more fun and interactive. Studies have shown that some people consider online bingo as a hobby rather than seeing it as a chance to earn money which shows how people are attached with this game. Also, online bingo is very fair as a random number generator controls everything and everyone has the same and fair chance of winning making it hugely popular among people.

The Other Popular online Bingo game - Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal is one of the most popular games out there today. Many play it in gaming parlours and there are a number of television shows out there as well where participants can try their luck. However, what if you wanted to play it and actually win money, all from The comfort of your home?

What's a Deal or No Deal Bingo Site?

If you're looking to play Deal or No Deal and actually want to win money, you've to register on a Bingo site. These sites help you enjoy the true experience of a Deal or No Deal game and helps you to win the jackpot.

How do you play The game?

First, you need to sign up on the site. That's a pretty easy affair on the Bingo sites with the registration process only taking a few minutes. In a Deal or No Deal Bingo game, everything is automatic. You can play your moves and the computer plays with you on its own.

About The Deal or No Deal Game

While there are different versions of the Deal or No Deal game, let's talk about the most popular one. For those who are not familiar with The game, a Deal or No Deal game can be pretty fun. Its a game where you have to first choose a briefcase. Now, with each turn, you will have to select a briefcase. Each briefcase will have an amount, ranging from $1 to all The way to $2,000. You have to select briefcases that have The lowest amount of money within them. Selecting them will eliminate those lower valued briefcases from the game and keep you on track to win greater prize money that remains in The other briefcases. 

Now, as you progress, you will receive a call from your banker offering you a deal after every 3 turns. The deal amount will vary according to The choices you have made. So, if the briefcase amounts you have uncovered are less, The banker will offer you more. And if you have actually chosen higher value briefcases, you will receive a significantly less amount of offer from the banker.

At the end, there will be two briefcases, one that you had initially chosen and one that is remaining at the end. You will have to choose then as to go with which one. If you choose to open the initial box remaining, you actually win the prize money written in the box.

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