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LloydsTSBLondon2012.co.uk rules are published in English but occasionally translated into other languages with the English version being considered the main one in case of a discrepancy.

It is the account holder’s responsibility to comply with the laws of their country of domiciliation or residence regarding gambling. LloydsTSBLondon2012.co.uk provides no advice regarding legal or tax issues.

LloydsTSBLondon2012.co.uk retains the right to solve any argument at its discretion, but by following the principles of equity.

In case LloydsTSBLondon2012.co.uk is held liable by any authority with jurisdiction over it then the company’s liability cannot exceed the amount wagered or the Account Holder’s net winnings, whichever is lower.

LloydsTSBLondon2012.co.uk has no association with the organizations or individuals featured on its website promotions and it doesn’t claim any rights over their names.

Account Holders are expected to understand LloydsTSBLondon2012.co.uk Rules and understand them fully before using any of its services which are available for their personal entertainment only. LloydsTSBLondon2012.co.uk reserves the right to amend the rules when necessary.

LloydsTSBLondon2012.co.uk will not accept responsibility for damage to any parties including third parties caused when the Account Holder makes monetary transactions using a third party’s account or Card or provides incorrect details or permits third parties to use hid LloydsTSBLondon2012.co.uk Account.

It is the Account Holder’s responsibility to keep his computer hardware and software safe from damage or intrusion. 

LloydsTSBLondon2012.co.uk will not be held responsible for damage to any party caused by mistranslation, misunderstanding, spelling mistake or any other reason including violation of its rules or any criminal activity. LloydsTSBLondon2012.co.uk will not accept responsibility for losses or mistakes caused by computer or telecommunication problems.

LloydsTSBLondon2012.co.uk will ensure that all prizes will be sent approximately six weeks after the particular competition is over.

In case a particular service fails due to LloydsTSBLondon2012.co.uk’s computers then the company will refund the wager amount.